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Bad Baby Маша и Медведь ГИГАНТСКИЙ БУРГЕР Нападает Маша и Медведь Новые серии Masha and the Bear 5

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Bad Baby Masha and the Bear GIANT BURGER Attacks Kids

Bad Baby Masha from funny cartoon Masha and the Bear went to visit the Bear. For a long time Masha and the Bear had not seen each other and missed each other. Bad Baby Masha was tired on the road and wanted to eat. Passer Roma suggested to Masha where you can eat Burger. The giant Burger hung on the Tree. The giant burger began to ask Masha that she would eat it. Bad Baby are frightened and run away, GIANT BURGER attacks Kids. Masha and the Bear New episodes about Masha Bad Baby from the Kids channel Kids Diana Shоw.

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Hi friends! I'm Diana - a small blogger. My 2.5 years old. Unboxing and toy review Toys for me - the hobby. I love to travel, play with toys, I have a lot of toys. Together with parents we are shooting a Video for children and Kids to Vlog channel ✿ Kids Diana Show. I'm adding new videos every day!
On my channel you will find Interesting Videos for Kids: unboxing toys, Games and Entertainment for Children. With me You will see the unboxing of the most interesting new toys and Kinder Surprise and playing with the plasticine To Play and other toys for Girls. I'm doing a review of the known toys from the cartoon – Masha and the Bear, Fixico, Luntik, Minnie mouse, Peppa Pig, Frozen, Disney Princess and others.
I also do a lot of walking in Malls, on the Playground, in the Children's playroom. I will share with you the best moments of your life!
Also visit the channel of my brother Roma!

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